AmplifX update. (0.96)

Wednesday 17th November 2004.

Thanks to Patrick Cuot-Tieu who has reported an important bug and has suggested interesting evolutions.

-  Correction of a bug in the selection boundaries of primer matches and amplified sequence in the target field (shift of 1 nucleotide)
-  New text area above the target field showing the size and position in nucleotides of the current selection. (Particularly useful to design primers into AmplifX)
-  New menu : Paste complement strand : to paste the complement of what is in the clipboard into the sequence column of the edited primer into the primer list. (Useful to design the reverse primer)
-  Automatic copy of the true amplified sequence i.e. bordered by the primer sequences (useful when the primers don’t match completely the target, for example when restriction sites have been added to the 5’ end.)
-  New Register menu to be alerted of new updates and to send feedback to the kind developer of this app.

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