MagicMirror (english page)

Backup for Mac OS
Wednesday 2nd June 2004.
This program allows you to easily create a mirror copy of any volume (or part of) mounted on your Mac towards any other mounted volume or available in the network. Only the modified files are effectively copied. This results in a moderate hard disk access and the process let you continue working with your Mac.

Release notes

-  07/09/07 : MagicMirror version 1.41
-  11/02/04 : MagicMirror version 1.3
-  11/26/02 : MagicMirror version 1.1
-  08/28/02 : MagicMirror version 1.0.8

Download English versions :

-  Universal Binary (For Mac OS X Universal Binary)


  1. Backup preference files creation.
  2. Backup automation strategies
  3. Log file

Legal information :

This program is provided free for the Mac community ”as this”. The author couldn’t be responsible for any bad working. Users are strongly invited to register themselves by email : give the program name, version number, preferred language, Mac OS version, any other useful information and why not a kind word. If you ask me, you will receive update information.

Important Note : MagicMirror is not Magic Mirror Backup (tm) by Pensamos Digital, Inc. which is a great product too.