AmplifX update (0.95)

Friday 12th November 2004.

AmplifX update. (0.95) Thanks to Immo Junghärtchen for helping me to debug and inprove interface and for helpful comments. Thanks to Denis Becquet too.

New features :
-  Sequence primers are processed in the same manner than the target sequence : automatic cleaning of characters different from A,C,G,T
-  Easy navigation into the primer list with tab and arrow keys.
-  The primer list file name appears into a local menu at the top of the primer list. This allows an easy and fast loading of different favorite primer lists and more intuitive way to specify the default primer set (the one that is open automaticaly at the launching of the application)
-  The primer list files have now a personalized icon and are double-clickable

-  And a lot of bug corrections and code improvements

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