AmplifX 1.3

Friday 2nd September 2005.

-  New “Undo” menu : to cancel the last modification in the target sequence field and in the primer list.
-  New algorithm and coding of the mapping and drawing of upper/lower cases. (More than 10 times faster).
-  New graphic element : the current selection in the target sequence is visualized by a semi transparent blue region over the sequence map line.
-  Color code for upper and lower regions are now fixed : In the previous releases it was always the same first color in the map whatever the case.
-  New colors in the graphic elements (I expect a little bit less ugly!)
-  Benchmark tests : I determined the maximum size of the target sequence beyond which AmplifX slows too dramatically or even crash. That depends mainly on the system. The Mac version begins to have problems beyond a few tens of thousands nucleotides. The Windows version works better (!) and support a few hundred of thousands nucleotides. A message warns the user when the sequence exceeds an arbitrary limit for each platform : 70 000 for Mac and 300 000 for Windows.

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