AmplifX 1.1

Monday 7th February 2005.

Once more thank you to Patrick Trieu-Cuot for his suggestions and encouragements.

New features:

-  New function of primer design: AmplifX searches for pairs of primers with no, or one or the other of both primers fixed. (Algorithm in the course of improvement, welcome experience feedback) - Print and export of the chart.
-  Support of DNA Strider files as target sequence (of which a new version for Mac OS X is available)
-  New information on the amplified sequence: addition of a suggested annealing temperature for the PCR. (According to Rychlik.W et al. in NAR (1990), vol. 18 pp 6409-6412)
-  Possibility of searching sub-sequences in the target sequence (access by the menus already existing employees yet for search in the primer list)
-  Use of styled text for the copied amplified sequence: useful to quickly locate the primers, when the sequence is pasted in an application which support styles

Corrections and improvements

-  Adequacy of the use of the relation "Superior or equal to the cut off" for the drawing and the search for matches
-  the use of right and left arrows, and the suppress key work in the numeric-range fields of the preferences’s window
-  Correction of an error occuring while importing GeneBank format files.
-  Correction of the display of information of the current selection of the sequence target at the time of the use of the menu "SelectAll", "lowercases", "uppercases" and while un-selecting
-  Maintenance of the lower/uppercases features on the complementary strands
-  Best updating of the “ default file “ radio-button state after a “ save as “ operation.
-  When the window of search is displayed, the focus one is put into the field of search to avoid typing into the target sequence.
-  Correction of a bug related to the list of the recent files preserved in the preference file and which could involve in certain circumstances a crash at AmplifX starting and whose only solution was yet to delete the preference file. - Correction of a bug that could occur if the quality scores had to be re-computed at the automatic loading of the primer’s default file.
-  Correction of the placement of reverse primers over the chart (for small amplified fragments the primer length is not negligeable)