AmplifX 1.37

Friday 11th November 2005.

(Special thanks to Lars Henning and Sam Lukowski for theirs feedbacks)

-  AmplifX is now written and compiled with RealBasic 2005. This allows to fix some bugs due to the old RealBasic version; specially some very constraining bugs in the Windows version. (Thanks to Lars Henning for his very useful feedback.)
-  New icons.
-  Improvement of clipboard linked menus and Undo menu.
-  Improvement of appearance and behavior of the drawer window giving more information about primers. This window is now only shown and masked with a single button located in the upper right corner of the primer list box. The drawer appears only in the right of the main window and if needed the main window resizes or moves itself.
-  Improvement of menu activations.
-  Add (partial) Contextual menus management.
-  Add new help tags and new menu to activate/deactivate contextual help
-  Change the mouse position indicator onto the sequence map. It’s more esthetic and more functional. (And fix zoomed map positions)
-  Mac OS X : Dot close button management linked to the primer list modifications
-  Preference window is now viewed as modal window and can be displayed from the Design primer window.
-  Add the possibility to visualize more than 10 best scoring primer pairs in the design window. (1 to 1000). (The new algorithm is a little bit less efficient for sorting the 10 best pairs but much more efficient to sort the 1000 best pairs.)
-  Improvement of the application quitting process while the design primer window is visible.
-  New calculation for the suggested annealing temperature after Chavali,S. et al. in Bioinformatics 21 pp 3918-3925 (2005) (With Amplicon TM calculated with the NN method).

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