AmplifX 0.92 : New release

Tuesday 2nd November 2004.

AmplifX update. (0.92)

I would thank Immo Junghärtchen for very good comments that help (and motive) me to improve some aspects of amplifX.

New features :
-  The main window of AmplifX is now resizable (Primer list columns also)
-  Alert messages when one launches the PCR with no target sequence or no primer in list or no cheched primers.
-  Cosmetic aspects of the main window have been fixed
-  Fix window reactivation after “run PCR” execution.
-  Help text corrected (thanks to Jean-Paul Herman)
-  Best controls before opening or importing a primer list when a other primer list is yet loaded and has been modified.
-  amélioration des gestions de vérifications de sauvegardes des listes de primers modifiés avant une ouverture ou importation d’une nouvelle liste
-  Other minor code improvements

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